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We Want to Record Voice Clips in Talking Tom Cat 3

Third Time's the Charm

As we're sure millions of fans would agree, there's really nothing wrong with the tried and tested Talking Tom formula. Using your mobile device's microphone, you get to talk to the virtual kitty, have it repeat what you say in its own cartoony voice and hilarity ensues. While having that as the main draw of the app is to be expected, it could use some artful improvements.

For instance, Tom could have some of his own quips to say. This could be randomized and switched on or off. This way, it would be possible for kids to have a conversation, asking questions ala Magic 8 Ball. It could also have a recording function wherein players could store a few voice clips for Tom to play back during a conversation. Not only would this open up more storytelling possibilities, it could also make for funnier videos.

Less is More

The saying "less is more" certainly applies to in-game ads. Although Talking Tom Cat and its sequel are free to download and play, they do come with ads aplenty. This would have been reasonable if the ads weren't obnoxious and all over the place, but they are. Aside from the developer's own reminders to download their other offerings, there's also the banner on top which provides a constant stream of third party advertisements.

Adults may or may not have a problem with these depending on how accurate they are with their taps and swipes but it's almost a sure thing that children can and will press these banners and head out of the app. To prevent any accidental website visits, it is possible to remove the ads completely by paying real money for some in-game currency. Child Mode adds a security check when attempting to access other apps by the developer but does nothing to remove the third party banners. For Talking Tom 3, it would be nice if Outfit7 applied the same thing to the banners if removing them completely is out of the question.

Mini Games Make the App

The second Talking Tom app features a mini game which has the chatty cat collecting coins as he makes his way to outer space. It's simple but fun, especially considering the limited number of things to do in the app. For the next one, it would be great to have more variety. especially since My Talking Tom has more than ten mini games to play. To keep them in line with the theme, they could all be related to Tom's play time or Ben playing pranks on the feline. It doesn't have to be terribly complicated, just good enough to keep people coming back for more.

Well, there you have it. Those are our top picks for additional content for the sequel. With its success, there's no doubt that the series has loyal fans waiting to see what's next for Outfit7's resident chatty cat. It needs more polish on the technical side and a handful of new tricks to justify a sequel. Until Outfit7 actually releases word on what's next for the series, we won't actually know for sure but just like you, we'll be waiting eagerly.

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