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Talking Tom Cat 2 App Game

Tom Moves Out of the Alley in Talking Tom Cat 2

A Cat to the Core

Although with his antics, Talking Tom shares more similarities to cartoon cats such as Garfield or Felix rather than actual felines, he still loves having his fur stroked. He'll be annoyed when you tap on his foot or touch his tail. If you managed to knock him out, Ben will come along to splash water on his face. The mischievous canine also plays pranks which can make Tom jump as high as the ceiling. Pet him gently to make him purr and play the climbing mini game to earn coins to use on customization items found in the in-game store.

He Talks Like a Cool Cat Should

For those who haven't played any of the apps from the Talking Tom and Friends series, the "talking" part of the name comes from the fact that you can actually speak with the characters. Unfortunately, they don't really have the ability to reply to you but can instead repeat exactly what you said in a synthesized voice. This is standard fare for any of the apps in the family and Talking Tom Cat 2 is no exception.

Depending on whether or not you find chipmunk Christmas songs funny, the playback feature may be good for a few laughs. When used with the app's built-in recording function, it does serve a purpose beyond being entertaining. You can let Talking Tom temporarily store a personal message and record him to send it to your loved ones as an animated greeting card. It's also great for creating funny video clips to share with your real life pals -- likely the reason the function is even there in the first place.

Release Date: 27/05/2011

Available on: iOS, Tablet, Mobile, Android

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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A Talking Tom Made Just for You

Just like Angela, there are a ton of clothing options to choose from to create a unique look for Tom. He has hats, some eyewear and accessories. Whether or not you will want to collect every single item available really boils down to personal taste as they range from cute bowties to awkward-looking piercings. Although there are no full sets available, you can dress up Tom in a myriad of costumes by combining individual pieces. Equipping a crown and a sword for instance, can give Tom a dashing King Arthur-esque look.

If dressing up Tom as a Pirate or Cowboy still isn't enough, you can always spruce up his apartment with a few decorative items. Add a surfboard or hang a photo of Angela. Better yet, treat every day as if it were a holiday by purchasing a Christmas Tree or the "Santa's Visit" window decor. The available items are cute, however we would have liked to see more variety. Actually, there could be more options for all the categories; after all, part of Talking Tom's charm is pet customization.

Basically, your enjoyment of this app depends entirely on what you need. Are you looking for a something which can be played occasionally for a few laughs? Think your kid will be tickled pink by watching someone get a pie on the face or be splashed with a bucket of water? If so, you'll likely be entertained by Talking Tom Cat 2. Keep in mind that activating Child Mode removes the recording function and prevents access to YouTube but leaves clickable ads on screen. You may want to shell out actual cash if you're planning to give your child the freedom to play the app without you watching over their shoulder.

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Talking Tom Cat 2 is developed by Outfit7.