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Talking Tom and Ben News App Game

It's Cat Versus Dog in Talking Tom & Ben News

Even More Hijinks This Time Around

Although Tom and Ben are delivering the news together, it doesn't mean that they always get along. Sure, you can still poke them and make their chairs spin until they get dizzy but they get most annoyed with each other. Pressing the action buttons will have the two using rubber dart blasters and glove guns. Ben will scoff at Tom's imitation of your voice and vice versa if he's the one who ends up repeating what you say. It's silly but is a welcome change from the usual, single character formula.

There is one down side to this approach. For some reason, there are far fewer animations available for the two characters. You would think that having both Tom and Ben around would double the available actions but all it takes is a couple of button presses to get a repeat. Perhaps the feature was simply tacked on as a bonus or maybe, adding more actions would result in a clunkier app; whichever the case may be, the animations are few and they get old fast.

Good News, Bad News

With that said, this app is by far the most unique out of all the games included in the Talking Tom and Friends series. Not only do you have two characters on the screen at all times, you can also create your very own news clip. As long as Child Mode is off, you can do this by importing one of your stored photos or videos into the app. This then gets displayed on the screen, giving you the freedom to record a skit while talking to the characters and activating their animations.

Release Date: 14/05/2012

Available on: iOS, Tablet, Mobile, Android

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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Once you've recorded your news clip, you can choose to play it back so you can watch it yourself or skip right to sending it to friends as an e-mail or Facebook post. You can also upload it to YouTube so it may be watched by other Talking Tom and Friends fans. Note that children will not be able to access these videos as the link to the YouTube channel is hidden in Child Mode.

Ads, Ads and More Ads

Talking Tom & Ben News is free to download and play, however, it does come with advertisements from both the developer and third party sites. This is somewhat lessened when Child Mode is active but unless you make an in-app purchase to remove them completely, the banner at the top is still readily accessible to curious little players. If you plan on using this app with its recording function activated (with Child Mode off) and you don't intend to pay a cent, you will definitely need a lot of patience.

Basically, Talking Tom & Ben News is a great app to use for the occasional e-mail greeting. Beyond that, you may want to shell out a bit of cash to keep things running smoothly. Without the ads, it can be used to entertain kids for a short while but if you truly want to get some mileage out of this, you may want to be present to show them the ropes and for some creative storytelling. For a sequel, this app could surely use more animations, some mini games and a more tolerable ad scheme for those who wish to enjoy playing for free. Having Ginger and Angela appear for the rare cameo would be a treat for fans of their individual games as well.

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Talking Tom and Ben News is developed by Outfit7 Limited.