Talking Ginger 3 Mobile Game

Talking Ginger 3 Mobile App Game

Ginger Can Speak in Talking Ginger 3

A Meow Means Yes

Of course this wouldn't be a talking pet app if you couldn't talk to Ginger. The first two titles allowed you to speak with your virtual pet using your device's microphone. You could then use it with the record button to create a clip with a personalized message for your special someone. This can then be sent through email or posted on Facebook through the app's built-in links.

For Talking Ginger 3, it would be great if the app could push past the simple parrot function and actually give Ginger some way to reply. These can be anything from simple meow sounds to sound clips of simple phrases. To cater to those who would rather stick to the old system, this feature can be toggled on or off with a single button tap. This leaves adults free to create their video clips while enabling kids to have a conversation with their new furry pal. Hey, if Furby can do it, why can't Ginger?

Better for Little Hands

Although Outfit7's series attracts players of all ages, Talking Ginger 2 is still rated "3+". The app's colorful graphics coupled with Ginger's silly antics almost guarantees that kids will be drawn to it, playing with it with or without your permission. That being said, there could be more safety features implemented for the app aside from barring access to content uploaded to Youtube.

One of the many things that could be addressed is really nothing fancy -- the app's layout. In Talking Ginger 2, the buttons are spread far apart, with some on spots that little fingers could press simply by holding the device. One of these even serves as a link to download some of the developers other apps, which is a definite no-no for little kids. It's not that the ads themselves are dangerous, it's just that it takes the child to a screen which needs to be closed by pressing a small close button at the corner. If Talking Ginger 3 is to be given the same rating, it would be nice to relocate buttons like these to a separate menu or at least require several key presses to access the ads.

It also wouldn't hurt to include a child-friendly tutorial to introduce the app's interactive features. Of course nothing can really replace parental supervision, but this would at least assist in explaining kids to the basics.

More Mini Games

My Talking Tom has over ten mini games including the Temple Run-esque Tom Run and bubblicious Bubble Shooter, so why not give Ginger his own set of time wasters? Talking Ginger 2 only had a couple of them and instead of utilizing either the accelerometer or microphone of the mobile device, they were run-in-the-mill, button tapping mini games. Ho-Hum. Talking Ginger 3 could cater to kids by including some simple word or number games. Adding difficulty levels to that would give even adults something to look forward to.

Because it never deviated much from the Talking Tom formula, the Talking Ginger series has plenty of room for improvement. Adding new features would keep the game fresh for fans who have been there since the first game while improvements in terms of the app's security measures may convince those who have passed up on past titles to give this one a try. Since Ginger is the series' child-friendly character, it wouldn't hurt to ensure that the next one gives priority to their safety.

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