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Hold the Purr-fect Birthday Bash for Ginger in Talking Ginger 2

Talk All the Way to Midnight

Just like any title in the Talking Tom series, Talking Ginger 2 lets you chat with your furry pal. As long as you give the app permission to access your device's microphone, it will allow you to speak to Ginger so he can repeat the words in his own voice. It's not exactly the most novel idea out there but it could make for a fun time for kids or those who are looking for a little laugh with their buddies.

Additionally, the talk feature could also be used alongside the app's built-in recording function to create video clips with a personal message. You can record a birthday greeting complete with Ginger's animated antics to send to someone special on their big celebration. You can even opt to upload these to YouTube as a party invite for all your pals. At any rate, this feature does allow room for a little creativity and gives the app some use beyond a few laughs.

A Little Furball of Fun

Although he is capable of several things a real cat isn't, keep in mind that Ginger is still patterned after actual felines. Just like them, he enjoys having his fur stroked gently and he certainly wouldn't miss a meal. If you're up for a bit of harmless mischief, you can poke or tickle him to see him fall from his chair. You can feed him a myriad of different snacks or even join him as he eats using the app's meal time feature. On the downside, he does have the tendency to fart every few minutes. You may find it funny at first but it happens so often that you'll likely wish you could turn off the animation altogether.

Release Date: 14/05/2013

Available on: iOS, Tablet, Mobile, Android

App Store Rating: 4.1/5

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What somewhat makes up for Ginger's obnoxious farting are the app's party themed mini games. There's one wherein you're tasked to tap on cake candles to snuff out as many as you can before time's up. The other one involves "blowing" on a whistle to see how long you can last. The former is fun enough as it makes use of classic whack-a-mole mechanics. The latter, however, could use some work. Instead of actually blowing into the microphone, you actually just press on a button while a loud whistle noise plays on the background. Unless you're aiming to wake someone up or give yourself a headache, it may be best just to stick to candle blowing. Don't' feel like playing for snacks? You can spin the Fortune Wheel every 24 hours fr the chance to add some to the ones you get daily.

To Play or Not to Play

If you've played any of the Talking Tom apps, then you'll be no stranger to Talking Ginger 2's brand of fun. Having your words parroted using Ginger's high-pitched voice does make for some laughs and the mini games are simple enough for little kids to use; however the button layout could be a bit confusing for them. All it takes is a single click to go out of the app to YouTube and to watch uncensored Talking Tom clips created by other people.

Snacks also run out, which may not matter to you if you just intend to play for a few minutes a day but it's certainly not enough for little ones who may want to play with Ginger for hours on end. To sum it up, this app is best played by school-age children who are supervised by adults or adults who wish to create fun video clips for their little ones.

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Talking Ginger 2 is developed by Outfit7 Limited.