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My Talking Angela Loves to Play Dress Up

Do the Catwalk

Want to see Angela rocking a leather jacket? Perhaps you'd rather see her in a Valkyrie costume or all dressed up and ready to go to a ball. Just like in My Talking Tom, this game gives you the ability to dress Angela up in a myriad of outfits and costumes. You can also change her eye color, give her a wig and let her wear a pair of glasses. Can't imagine leaving home without makeup? Angela can't either as she has an array of makeup options for you to choose from. Talk about dressed to the nines.

You are free to mix and match any of these so long as you've unlocked the pieces you want. To get access to most of the choices, you can simply keep playing to earn Coins and Stickers. Actions such as logging in to Facebook, subscribing to the developer's Youtube channel or newsletter and playing games will also fatten up your in-game wallet. However if you just can't bear to wait for another level up and you absolutely must get every piece of clothing, furniture or makeup color available, then you will need to pay real cash for the game's premium currency: Diamonds. Diamonds can also be used to purchase Coins and Stickers, which is a sneaky tactic considering their conversion rates. On the upside, purchasing some premium currency does remove the annoying ads.

Release Date: 01/01/2014

Available on: iOS, Tablet, Mobile, Android

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

In Talking Angela, there's no need to settle for just any old place. The app lets you choose where your fabulous feline friend lives. You can add a personal touch to the view from the terrace, change the flooring and the furniture. Again, these require either a lot of patience or some real cash to unlock. This means that, although it looks like a child-friendly game, it's really not. Not only will they likely get bored with the game long before they unlock any of the high level items, there's also the ridiculous number of ads.

If you don't intend to cough up the money, there will be no shortage of obtrusive pop ups which seem to appear at the most unexpected times. The ad banner above the screen may look harmless at first glance but you'll likely get fed up a few minutes into the game as it can be triggered even when your finger is nowhere near it. There's also the app's signature link button which leads to other apps created by the same developer. No, it's not the fact that it's there that bothers us, it's the way it's positioned just right so you can accidentally tap it just by holding your device.

For Fabulous Females Only

Just like high heels aren't meant to be used by children, My Talking Angela isn't at the top of the list when it comes to kid-safe apps. It's not that there's nothing for them to enjoy, it's just that there are too many ways to go out of the app and into random websites. Actually, it doesn't matter what age you are, the ads are going to pester you to no end until you buy some premium currency to be rid of them for good.

That aside, this app does have its good points. Not only can you customize Angela in so many different ways, adding makeup is actually a mini game on its own. If you're into pet sims, then you'll love brushing her teeth, giving her a bath and feeding her as all of these feature gesture controls ala Nintendogs. And if you're looking for addictive time wasters, there are eight types of mini games such as Happy Connect, Brick Breaker and Hungry Fish.

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My Talking Angela is developed by Outfit7.