My Talking Angela 2 Mobile Game

My Talking Angela 2 Mobile App Game

Talking Angela 2 Will Let You Unleash Your Creativity

A Pleasure to Meet You

The original game wasn't just impressive because Angela has the ability to reply. What makes it extra special is that she is "knowledgeable" about a myriad of topics. From asking you about your favorite pet to your opinion on whether or not the Starks will ever cross paths again in Game of Thrones, this pretty kitty isn't all looks and no brains. As we've mentioned, she also remembers certain answers. For instance, if you give her your name, or any name for that matter, she will address you that way in future conversations. Don't worry parents, for the sake of privacy, you can just come up with a random nickname to use for your child and Talking Angela won't mind one bit. Note that like text-to-speech programs, she is also able to speak your name using her synthesized voice.

Talking Angela 2 should keep the feature and add even more cameos from other characters from other Talking Tom and Friends titles. It would be fun to have different scenarios open up whenever Angela meets someone. Who wouldn't want to talk to Ginger while he asks Angela to come to his birthday party? Or perhaps have Tom sit beside her in the cafe and be available for mini games? Even Ben, with his toy punching gun and pranks on Tom would be a welcome and entertaining distraction every now and then. To give options to loyal fans, events like these could be triggered either by clicking a button or by switching the random feature on or off.

Mini Games with a Twist

The first game gave the option to play quiz games with Angela by typing in specific phrases and asking her through chat. It was also possible to communicate with her through face gestures as she recognizes a nod, a yawn, a smile and even when someone is sticking out their tongue. This could be used in a Warioware-type game wherein players combine swipes, shakes and face gestures to play mini games with her. After all, the system for it is already in place.

Make a Fashion Statement

It doesn't matter whether she's at home or relaxing in Paris, Angela's a pretty stylish cat. With some premium currency, you can buy her handbags, makeup, eyewear and more. Of course, if you only intend to play for free, your choices are pretty limited. Talking Angela 2 could include the option to customize items by doodling on-screen. Be it a designer shirt or a custom handbag, having the ability to get creative will surely give players more of an incentive to show off Angela's outfits. There should at least be a couple of customizable items available for free players as they not only contribute to the community but could potentially introduce the game to those who can pay for premium items.

Because the original Talking Angela already has such a unique system, there is plenty to work with to make its sequel even better. There was a lot of talk about child safety and inappropriate topics brought up through the app's chat feature, however, the app is safe to use so long as it does not transmit personal information to other users. With the way Talking Angela is made though, it would be better if Talking Angela 2 was marketed and rated for teens instead.

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